15. November 2018 - Uhr
Die Kolumne


DVD-Review: Film
CD-Reviews: Accept, Dan Reed Network


CD-Reviews: P.o.d., Gang, Steve Kilbey, Road Warrior, 16 Tage
DVD-Review: Film


CD-Reviews: Dystopolis, Torian, Devil Master, Arsis, Sick Of It All, Kraanium, Godless, Bloodbath


CD-Reviews: Lacuna Coil, Blaze Bayley, Ray Wilson


CD-Reviews: Edenscurse, Browsing Collection, Smeltz


CD-Reviews: Tenacious D, Nordic Union


CD-Reviews: Ayahuasca, Six Foot Six


DVD-Review: Film
CD-Reviews: The Beauty Of Gemina, Ashes Of Ares, Madison, Eric Mcfadden
Livebericht:Nervosa, Alien Weapony, Konvent


DVD-Review: Film
CD-Reviews: Brothers Of Metal, Outlaw, Dominoe, Incremate, Divine Ascension


CD-Reviews: Slash, The Order Of Apollyon, Various Artists, Avast, Sir Collapse, Marianne Faithfull