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 Band  Titel  Bewertung  Verfasser
S-TOOL Tolerance 0 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SACRED REICH Ignorance (Re-Release) 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SAINTED SINNERS Sainted Sinners 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SAMMY BERELL Passion Dreams 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SANCTUARY Inception / Thorsten Dietrich
SANTA CRUZ Bad Blood Rising 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SARDAUK A New Dawn 8/15 Matthias Decklar
SAVAGE MESSIAH Hands Of Fate 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SCANNER The Galactos Tapes 11/15 Matthias Decklar
SCARLET AURA The Beast Within Me (Single) 8/15 Peter Hollecker
SCARLET AURA Memories / Peter Hollecker
SCHAFOTT The Black Flame 6/15 Marc Schallmaier
SCORPIONS Born To Touch Your Feelings - Best of Rock Ballads / Thorsten Dietrich
SCREAMER Hell Machine 13/15 Matthias Decklar
SECRET RULE The Key To The World 11/15 Alexander Stock
SEEKING RAVEN The Ending Collage 9/15 Tony Werner
SEETHER Poison The Parish 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SENTIENT HORROR Ungodly Forms 11/15 Marc Fischer
SEPULTURA Machine Messiah 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SERENITY BROKEN Redefine 8/15 Martin A. Weienfels
SERIOUS BLACK Magic 13/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SEVEN KINGDOMS Decennium 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SEVEN SPIRES Solveig 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SHAKRA Life Tales -The Ballads / Thorsten Dietrich
SHAKRA Snakes & Ladders 13/15 Peter Hollecker
SHAMAN`S HARVEST Red Hands Black Deeds 12/15 Peter Hollecker
SHATTERED SUN The Evolution Of Anger 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SHELBY LYNNE & ALLISON MOORER Not Dark Yet / Peter Hollecker
SHRAPNEL Raised On Decay 12/15 Matthias Decklar
SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER Metal Bear Stomp 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SIC ZONE Cold Eyes 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SIDEBURN (CH) #eight 11/15 Peter Hollecker
SIGNUM REGIS Decennium Primum 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SILIUS Hell Awakening 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SILVER HORSES Tick 7/15 Peter Hollecker
SILVER WIND Legion Of The Exiled 10/15 Matthias Decklar
SIMO Rise & Shine 8/15 Peter Hollecker
SINISTER Syncretism 10/15 Marc Schallmaier
SINNER Tequila Suicide 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SINSAENUM Ashes 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SIRENIA Dim Days Of Dolor 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SITKA Zugvogel 10/15 Peter Hollecker
SIX FEET UNDER Torment 6/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SIXX: A.M. Prayers For The Blessed 12/15 Jrg Bonszkowski
SKARLETT RIOT Regenerate 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SKYCLAD Wayward Sons Of Mother Earth (Re-Release) 11/15 Andreas Stephan
SKYCLAD A Burnt Offering From The Bone Idol (Re-Release) 12/15 Andreas Stephan
SKYCLAD Prince Of The Poverty Line (Re-Release) 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SKYCLAD The Silent Whales Of Lunar Sea (Re-Release) 12/15 Andreas Stephan
SKYCLAD Jonah's Ark Tracks From The Wilderness (Re-Release) 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SLAUGHER TO PREVAIL Misery Sermon 5/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SLEGEST Vidsyn 8/15 Marc Fischer
SMASH HIT COMBO L33T 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SNAKECHARMER Second Skin 13/15 Peter Hollecker
SNOW At Last 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SOEN Lykaia 12/15 Katharina May
SOG God Complex 6/15 Matthias Decklar
SOIL SCREAM The Essentials 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SONS OF A WANTED MAN Black Days, Black Dust 11/15 Marc Schallmaier
SONS OF APOLLO Psychotic Symphony 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SONS OF MORPHEUS Nemesis 12/15 Peter Hollecker
SONS OF SOUNDS Into The Sun 12/15 Alexander Stock
SORCERER The Crowning Of The Fire King 14/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SOUL DEMISE Thin Red Line 9/15 Marc Fischer
SOUL SECRET Babel 9/15 Peter Hollecker
SOULBURN Earthless Pagan Spirit 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SOULDRINKER War Is Coming 13/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SPARZANZA Announcing The End 14/15 Alexander Stock
SPEEDWHORE On The Verge Of Dysfunction 8/15 Marc Fischer
SPIELBANN Die Ballade von der blutigen Rose 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SPIRITUS MORTIS The Year Is One 9/15 Marc Fischer
SPITEFUEL Second To None 11/15 Jrg Bonszkowski
STAHLMANN Bastard 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
STAHLSARG Mechanism of Misantrophy 11/15 Martin A. Weienfels
STALLION From The Dead 11/15 Matthias Decklar
STAMINA System Of Power 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
STARBLIND Never Seen Again 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
STARSICK SYSTEM Lies, Hopes & Other Stories 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
STATUS QUO Blue For You (2 CD Re-Release) 12/15 Peter Hollecker
STATUS QUO Just Supposin` (2 CD Re.Release) 11/15 Peter Hollecker
STATUS QUO NeverToo Late (3 CD Re-Release) 13/15 Peter Hollecker
STATUS QUO The Last Night Of The Electrics (2 CD) / Peter Hollecker
STEEL MESSIAH Of Laser And Lightning (EP) 11/15 Peter Hollecker
STEEL PANTHER Lower The Bar 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
STEELHEART Through Worlds of Stardust 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
STEELPREACHER Drinking With the Devil (Re-Release) 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
STEPHEN PEARCY Smash 10/15 Jrg Bonszkowski
STEVE WALSH Black Butterfly 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
STICKY BOYS Calling The Devil 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS No Going Back (2 CD Re-Release) 10/15 Peter Hollecker
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS Best Served Loud-Live At Barrowland / Peter Hollecker
STILLBORN Nocturnals 13/15 Mario Loeb
STONE SOUR Hydrograd 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Core - 25th Anniversary Edition 13/15 Thorsten Dietrich
STONEM Reset 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
STORMAGE Dead Of Night 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
STORMBURST Raised On Rock 12/15 Peter Hollecker
STORMHAMMER Welcome to the End 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
STRAY TRAIN Blues From Hell-The Legend Of The Courageous Five 13/15 Peter Hollecker
STRIKER Striker 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SUFFOCATION ...Of The Dark Light 10/15 Marc Fischer
SUICIDE SILENCE Suicide Silence 2/15 Tony Werner
SUPERNOVA PLASMAJETS Supernova Plasmajets 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SWEET & LYNCH Unified 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SWMRS Drive North 8/15 Thorsten Dietrich
SYN ZE SASE TRI Zaul Mos 12/15 Martin A. Weienfels
SYNDEMIC Annihilate The I 10/15 Marc Schallmaier
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