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 C 2011
 Band  Titel  Bewertung  Verfasser
CAGE Supremacy Of Steel 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CALIBAN Coverfield / Thorsten Dietrich
CANDICE NIGHT Reflections 9/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CARDIAC CASPER Related To The Heart 10/15 Johannes Albert
CARNIFEX Until I Feel Nothing 12/15 Johannes Albert
CARPET ROOM Soulless 12/15 Christoph Fllenbach
CASTLE In Witch Order 9/15 Alexander Meyer
CATACOMBE Kinetic 9/15 Marc Schallmaier
CATALEPSY Bleed 6/15 David Lang
CAVALERA CONSPIRACY Blunt Force Trauma 12/15 Christian Schfer
CELTACHOR In The Halls Of Our Ancient Fathers 12/15 Steffi Mller
CENTRAL PARK Reflected 9/15 Alexander Meyer
CEREBRAL BORE Maniacal Miscreation 12/15 David Lang
CHAOS BEYOND Confessions of a Twisted Mind 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CHAOS THEORY Whispers Of Doom 12/15 Alexander Meyer
CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED Cold Winds on Timeless Days 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CHERISHED Horizon Falls 7/15 David Lang
CHILDREN OF BODOM Rentless, Reckless Forever 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CHIMAIRA The Age Of Hell 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CHINA Light Up The Dark 9/15 Matthias Decklar
CHRIS SPEDDING Pearls 11/15 Thorsten Schwalbach
CHRIST AGONY Nocturn 8/15 Stephan Mertens
CHRIST INVERSION Christ Inversion 5/15 David Lang
CHRISTIANO FILIPPINI The First Crusade 4/15 Matthias Decklar
CHROME DIVISION 3rd Round Knock Out 7/15 Moritz Schrder
CHTHONIC Takasago Army 13/15 Carsten Nienaber
CHIRWALK Top 10 9/15 Christian Schfer
CIPHER SYSTEM Communicate The Storms 8/15 David Lang
CIRCLE OF SILENCE The Blackened Halo 11/15 Thorsten Schwalbach
CIRITH UNGOL Servants Of Chaos / Alexander Meyer
CLOCKWORK SPIRIT Clockwork Spirit 8/15 Thortsten Dietrich
CLOSE YOUR EYES Empty Hands & Heavy Hearts 13/15 Johannes Albert
COALESCE Give Them Rope (Re-Release) 8/15 David Lang
COASTLAND RIDE On Top Of The World 8/15 Matthias Decklar
COASTLAND RIDE Coastland Ride (Re-Release) 6/15 Matthias Decklar
COILGUNS/KUNZ Split 8/15 Christian Schfer
COLD COLD GROUND This Side Of Depravity 8/15 Thorsten Dietrich
COLDSPELL Out From The Dark 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
COMA DIVINE Dead End Circle 14/15 Jennifer Laux
COMMUNIC The Bottom Deep 14/15 Alexander Meyer
CONDEMNED A Dying Art 3/15 Christian Schfer
CONSFEARACY Consfearacy 11/15 Thorsten Schwalbach
CONSFEARACY Consfearacy 12/15 Alexander Meyer
CORNERSTONE (AT) Somewhere In America 9/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CORRODED Exit To Transfer 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CORVUS CORAX Sverker 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
COUNTERPARTS The Current Will Carry Us 12/15 Johannes Albert
COUNTERPARTS The Current Will Carry Us 13/15 Moritz Schroeder
COVENANT Modern Ruin 13/15 Jennifer Laux
CRACKMIND Because All Collapses 9/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CRADLE OF FILTH Evermore Darkly 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CREATION`S TEARS Methods To End It All 12/15 Alexander Meyer
CRIMFALL The Writ Of Sword 9/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CRIMINAL Akelarre 11/15 Marc Schallmaier
CRIPTOFONIA Symphony From The Crypt 8/15 Matthias Decklar
CRITICAL LOAD Awakening 9/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CROM Of Love And Death 11/15 Matthias Decklar
CROSSFADE We All Bleed 9/15 Torsten Butz
CROW OF THE CLOUD Crow Of The Cloud 9/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CROWBAR Sever The Wicked Hand 13/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CRUACHAN Blood On The Black Robe 14/15 Steffi Mller
CRUCIFYRE Infernal Earthly Divine 11/15 Snke Hansen
CRUSHING CASPARS Back To The Roots....Nevertheless Up To Date 10/15 Marc Schallmaier
CRYBABIES Be All Mine 14/15 Christian Schfer
CRYOSHELL Cryoshell 9/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CRYPTEX How Did You Live? 12/15 Jennifer Laux
CRYSTAL BREED The Place Unknown 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CULT OF THE FOX A Vow of Vengeance 8/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CURSE Void Above, Abyss Below 5/15 Snke Hansen
CYCLE OF PAIN Cycle Of Pain 11/15 Alexander Meyer
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