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 C 2005
 Band  Titel  Bewertung  Verfasser
CALIBAN VS. HEAVEN SHALL BURN The Split Program II 10/15 Thomas Roos
CALICO SYSTEM They Live 7/15 Thomas Roos
CALLENISH CIRCLE [Pitch.Black.Effects] 7/15 Andre Kreuz
CALLISTO True Nature Unfolds 8/15 Rafael Hofmann
CANDIRIA What doesn't Kill You... 9/15 Rafael Hofmann
CANDLEMASS Candlemass 12/15 John Schmitz
CANNON Back In Business 6/15 Olaf Reimann
CARPTREE Man Made Machine 9/15 Marek Schoppa
CASUS BELLI In The Name Of Rose 9/15 Roland Wohde
CATAMENIA Winternight Tragedies 9/15 Andre Kreuz
CATHEDRAL The Garden Of Unearthly Delights 10/15 John Schmitz
CELEBRATUM Instinct 7/15 Andre Kreuz
CEMETARY Phantasma 2/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CENTINEX World Declension 12/15 Philipp Nrtersheuser
CENTVRION Invulnerable 3/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CHAIN COLLECTOR Forthcoming Addiction / Philipp Nrtersheuser
CHLICE Shotgun Alley 7/15 Olaf Reimann
CHAPEL DESECRATOR Out To Get You 5/15 Andreas W. K.
CHARON Songs For The Sinners 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CHIEF ROCKAZ Blessing to nightmare 11/15 Rafael Hofmann
CHILDREN OF BODOM Are You Dead Yet? 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CHIMAERA Myths And Legends 8/15 Roland Wohde
CHIMAERA Stygian 14/15 Thomas Roos
CHIMAERA Stygian 14/15 Thomas Roos
CHIMAIRA Chimaira 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CHRIS CAFFERY W.A.R.P.E.D. 7/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CIRCLE II CIRCLE All That Remains 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CIRCLE II CIRCLE The Middle Of Nowhere 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN Zero Comfort Margin 4/15 Daniel Ableev
CIRCLE OF GRIN Same As It Never Was 11/15 Markus Mwis
CIRCUS MAXIMUS The 1st Chapter 12/15 Marek Schoppa
CLAWFINGER Hate Yourself With Style 7/15 Rafael Hofmann
CLOUDSCAPE Cloudscape 10/15 Olaf Reimann
CODE Nouveau Gleaming 12/15 Andre Kreuz
COMMUNIC Conspiracy In Mind 10/15 John Schmitz
CONFESSOR Unraveled 8/15 Markus Mwis
CONSTRUCDEAD The Grand Machinery 8/15 Marek Schoppa
CONTRADICTION The Voice Of Hatred 8/15 Thomas Roos
CORAM LETHE The Gates Of Oblivion 10/15 Andre Kreuz
CORROSIF Join Us 4/15 Markus Mwis
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY In The Arms Of God 5/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CORVUS CORAX Cantus Buranus 13/15 Markus Mwis
COSMIC BALLROOM Drug Of Your Choice 11/15 Markus Sausen
COWBOYS & ALIENS Language Of Superstars 11/15 Roland Wohde
CRADLE TO THE GRAVE Cradle To The Grave 4/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CREKKO Essence 10/15 Rafael Hofmann
CREOZOTH Creozoth 6/15 Olaf Reimann
CRIMINAL Sicario 14/15 Snke Hansen
CRIMSON MOONLIGHT Veil Of Remembrance 9/15 Philipp Nrtersheuser
CROTCHDUSTER Big Fat Box Of Shit / Thorsten Dietrich
CROWBAR Lifesblood For The Downtrodden 11/15 Andreas W. K.
CROWPATH Red On Chrome 11/15 Markus Mwis
CRUCIFIED BARBARA In Distortion We Trust 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CRYONIC TEMPLE In Thy Power 8/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CRYPTIC WINTERMOON Of Shadows... And The Dark Things You Fear 12/15 Andre Kreuz
CRYPTOPSY Once Was Not 10/15 Marek Schoppa
CRYSTAL BALL TimeWalker 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CRYSTAL SHARK Carchaphobia 5/15 Roland Wohde
CURL UP AND DIE The One Above All, The End Of All That Is 2/15 Thorsten Dietrich
CUSTARD Wheels Of Time 8/15 Thorsten Dietrich
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