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 B 2017
 Band  Titel  Bewertung  Verfasser
BABYLON A.D. Revelation Highway 11/15 Matthias Decklar
BACKTRACK Bad to My World 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BACKWOOD SPIRIT Backwood Spirit 11/15 Peter Hollecker
BAD BONES Demolition Derby 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BADASS More Pain, More Gain 5/15 Peter Hollecker
BADGE If It Hurts It Must Be Good 9/15 Peter Hollecker
BAI BANG Rock Of Life 12/15 Martin Stark
BALKUN BROTHERS Devil On TV 11/15 Peter Hollecker
BATHSHEBA Servus 7/15 Marc Fischer
BATTLE BEAST Bringer Of Pain 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BEARTOOTH Aggressive (Deluxe Edition + DVD) 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BEAST IN BLACK Berserker 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BEASTO BLANCO Beasto Blanco 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BEING AS AN OCEAN Waiting For Morning To Come 6/15 Tony Werner
BELL Tidecaller 8/15 Alexander Stock
BELOW Upon A Pale Horse 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BELPHEGOR Totenritual 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BETONTOD Revolution 14/15 Mario Loeb
BEYOND THE BLACK Lost In Forever (Touredition) / Thorsten Dietrich
BIGFOOT Bigfoot 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BILLION DOLLAR BABIES The Game 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BITERS The Future Ain`t What It Used To Be 12/15 Peter Hollecker
BITTERNESS Memories Of A Dying Past 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BLACK ACES Anywhere But Here 8/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BLACK ANVIL As Was 13/15 Marc Schallmaier
BLACK CAGE Excess All Areas 10/15 Peter Hollecker
BLACK DIAMONDS Once Upon A Time 11/15 Martin Stark
BLACK HOLE GENERATOR A Requiem For Terra 9/15 Marc Fischer
BLACK MAGIC SIX Choose Death 9/15 Peter Hollecker
BLACK MAP In Droves 13/15 Tony Werner
BLACK MIRRORS Funky Queen 12/15 Mario Loeb
BLACK PAISLEY Late Bloomer 10/15 Peter Hollcker
BLACK STAR RIDERS Heavy Fire 12/15 Peter Hollecker
BLACKDRAFT Leap In The Dark & Discover Beauty / Thorsten Dietrich
BLACKDRAFT Recipe Of Pain 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BLACKEVIL The Ceremonial Fire 10/15 Marc Fischer
BLACKFINGER When Colors Fade Away 9/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BLACKMORE'S NIGHT To The Moon And Back-20 Years And Beyond / Thorsten Dietrich
BLEEDING Elementum 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BLEEKER Erase You 8/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BLIND EGO Liquid Live / Peter Hollecker
BLIND GUARDIAN Live Beyond The Spheres 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BLIND SEER Apocalypse 2.0 3/15 Mario Loeb
BLOOD GOD Rock 'N' Roll Warmachine 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BLOODBOUND War Of Dragons 13/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BLOODCLOT Up In Arms 9/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BLOODROCUTED For The Dead Travel Fast 9/15 Marc Schallmaier
BLUE CHEER Live At Rockpalast (2 CD + DVD) 12/15 Peter Hollecker
BLUES PILLS Lady In Gold-Live In Paris (2 CD + Blu-ray) 10/15 Peter Hollecker
BOB SEGER I Knew You When 13/15 Peter Hollecker
BODY COUNT Bloodlust 13/15 Marc Schallmaier
BOMB OUT Bomb Out 9/15 Marc Fischer
BONAFIDE Flames 9/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BONE MAN III 11/15 Peter Hollecker
BONFIRE Byte The Bullet 13/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BONSAI KITTEN Mindcraft 9/15 Peter Hollecker
BOOL Fly With Me 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BOREALIS World Of Silence MMXVII 13/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BOREALIS Fall From Grace (Re-Release) 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BORN AGAIN Strike With Power 8/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BREAKING SAMSARA Light Of A New Beginning 11/15 Peter Hollecker
BROKEN HANDS Turbulence 10/15 Tony Werner
BROKEN HOPE Mutilated And Assimilated 7/15 Marc Schallmaier
BROTHER FIRETRIBE Sunbound 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BRUNHILDE Behind My Mind 11/15 Peter Hollecker
BULLET TRAIN Bullet Train 9/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BURNING WITCHES Burning Witches 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BUSH Black And White Rainbows 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BUSHFIRE When Darkness Comes 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
BYZANTINE The Cicada Tree 12/15 Thorsten Dietrich
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