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 Band  Titel  Bewertung  Verfasser
JOHN WEST Earth Maker 5/15 Thorsten Dietrich
THE WHO Live at the Royal Albert Hall / John Schmitz
THE WONDERFOOLS Doing their duty to the nightlife 12/15 Rafael Hofmann
W.A.S.P. The Neon God Part 1 (the Rise) 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
W.A.S.P. The Neon God Part II - The Demise 11/15 Thorsten Dietrich
W.A.S.P. Dominator 13/15 Roland Wohde
W.A.S.P. The Best Of The Best / Roland Wohde
W.A.S.P. Babylon 9/15 Thorsten Dietrich
W.E.T. W.E.T. 13/15 Thorsten Dietrich
W.E.T. Rise Up 13/15 Jrg Bonszkowski
W.E.T. One Live-In Stockholm 13/15 Thorsten Dietrich
W.I.L.D. Purgatorius 10/15 Thorsten Dietrich
WACKOR Uncommon Ground 9/15 Matthias Decklar
WAKEN EYES Exodus 9/15 Thorsten Dietrich
WAKRAT Wakrat 8/15 Thorsten Dietrich
WALDGEFLSTER Herbstklagen 5/15 Andre Kreuz
WALDTRAENE Unter Wolfes Banner Es wussten einst die Alten II 9/15 Mirco Ginsberg
WALK ON FIRE Mind Over Matter 12/15 Peter Hollecker
WALKING DEAD ON BROADWAY Aeshma 11/15 Johannes Albert
WALKING PAPERS Walking Papers 12/15 Stephan Mertens
WALKING WITH STRANGERS Hardships 10/15 David Lang
WALKING WITH STRANGERS Terra 10/15 Johannes Albert
WALLACE VANBORN The Orb We Absorb 10/15 Peter Hollecker
WALLACHIA Ceremony of Ascension 12/15 Andre Kreuz
WALLENBERG'S WHISKEY HELL Booze'N'Boogie 12/15 Martin Stark
WALLENBERG`S WHISKEY HELL Bullets `N` Burritos 10/15 Peter Hollecker
WALLS OF JERICHO A Day And A Thousand Years 9/15 Thomas Roos
WALLS OF JERICHO With Devils Amongst Us All 13/15 Thomas Roos
WALLS OF JERICHO The Bound Feed The Gagged (Re-Release) / David Lang
WALLS OF JERICHO Redemption EP 11/15 Christoph Fllenbach
WALLS OF JERICHO The American Dream 12/15 Christoph Fllenbach
WALPYRGUS Walpyrgus (EP) 14/15 Patrick Weiler
WALPYRGUS Walpyrgus Nights 11/15 Matthias Decklar
WALTARI Blood Sample 10/15 Daniel Ableev
WALTARI Release Date 11/15 David Lang
WALTARI The 2nd Decade - In The Cradle 11/15 David Lang
WALTARI You Are Waltari 13/15 Mario Loeb
WALTER PIETSCH Once You Rock, Never Forget 7/15 Peter Hollecker
WALTER SUBJECT We Are The Subjects 11/15 Johannes Albert
WALTER TROUT The Blues Came Callin' 11/15 Stephan Mertens
WALTER TROUT Battle Scars 13/15 Peter Hollecker
WALTER TROUT We`re All In This Together 12/15 Peter Hollecker
WAMI Kill The King 9/15 Jrgen Lugerth
WANTED Too Hot To Handle 7/15 Matthias Decklar
WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH Transmetropolitan 10/15 David Lang
WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH In Shoals 13/15 Christoph Fllenbach
WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH MMX 13/15 Christoph Fllenbach
WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH Voyeur 11/15 Johannes Albert
WAR ON WOMEN War On Women 12/15 Marc Fischer

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