23. April 2017 - Uhr
Die Kolumne


CD-Reviews: Black Cage, Walk On Fire, Infernl Mjesty, The Cranberries, Harem Scarem
Interview: Sinner


CD-Review: Null Positiv


CD-Reviews: Walk On Fire, Astral Doors


CD-Review: The Lightbringer


DVD-Review: Film
CD-Reviews: Obscure Infinity, Patria


CD-Reviews: Adrenaline Rush, Spitefuel, Chickenfoot, V.A. - Heart For The Scene Vol. 1, M.w. Wild
Interview: Abandoned


CD-Reviews: Ecstatic Vision, Cloven Hoof


CD-Reviews: Body Count, Vandroya


DVD-Review: The Beauty Of Gemina
CD-Reviews: Midnight Rider, Erdling, Final Fortune


CD-Reviews: Tequila Mockingbyrd, Kings Of Broadway, The Obsessed, Cut Up
DVD-Reviews: 2 Filme