19. April 2018 - Uhr
Die Kolumne


CD-Reviews: Burden Of Grief, Grailknights, Bullet, Breaking Benjamin, My Indigo, Frontline
Interview: INNFIGHT


CD-Review: Crosson


CD-Reviews: Lee Aaron, Bleed From Within, Pripjat


DVD-Review: Film
CD-Reviews: Tri State Corner, Hearwind, Panico Al Miedo, Deathrow


CD-Reviews: Dukes Of The Orient, Escape The Fate


CD-Reviews: Fm, Overkill, Kardinal Sin, Universe (schweden), Burning Point, Empiresfall


CD-Review: Anyone`s Daughter


CD-Reviews: Ross The Boss, Earth Flight, Greydon Fields
DVD-Review: Film
Interview: Korben Dallas


CD-Reviews: Deathrow, Deathrow, The Hydden


DVD-Review: Film
CD-Reviews: Kimi Krki, Wilt, Overwind, Broken Skull, Shadowkeep